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Creative Purity


By crafting and refining your online presence through digital marketing, we will build relationships with your target market and authentically connect with them for the long-term. It's really that simple.

Hey there! Thanks for your attention. It's the most valuable asset you have, so really - thank you.

My name is Travis and I'm the founder of Creative Purity. I want to give you the awesome backstory about how this company was founded, but we live in a world where you only care about what exactly I can do for you right now.

Let's just say that the backstory involved a lot of knives, sweat, and hiking trails. All you need to know is that I have tons of experience with photography, web design, and full-service digital marketing.

Our world is filled with too much information. Long + boring articles. Bland websites. Selfies, selfies, and more selfies. So how do you get above the noise? I'll tell you my secret....

"Creative Purity" is a word I made up when I started this company in 2013. It means refining your message down into the most core elements in order to stay valuable. Basically, make it easy for your customers to tell their friends about your awesome business. 

Information is merely an exchange of energy. Whether you're looking for photography or web design, we want to make sure that what you are sharing with the world leaves your viewers happy and wanting more.