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The Shortest Path from A to B

Great design is all about creating the best possible experience when users engage with your brand. Whether it’s through your website, app, instagram post, or even phone calls with customers…. make the experience quickly rewarding for them when they cross paths with you.

Somehow it’s been engrained into common marketing knowledge to make users take 3-10 steps to qualify themselves to buy your product. The new school idea is that you need to make them take only 1 step to get what they want. In this modern world of instant gratification, if a user doesn’t quickly get a solution to their problem they leave to go find it from someone else who can give it to them much faster.

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Overnight Success

If you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you will. This guy has some serious hustle... and not the kind of brainless stay-busy-to-feel-busy hustle.

He's got the eye on the horizon and every step is taking him closer towards his vision down the road. It's not a journey of one step, it's rather a journey of hundreds of thousands of steps. With all the experience he gained from each prior step, he eventually took the defining step that propelled himself into the spotlight of the "overnight success."

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Roman Nunez

We recently teamed up for some branding work with Roman Nunez, an ultra talented up-and-coming DJ from San Francisco. 

If you're in SF check him out at a live show, or if you're driving around town listen his soundscapes to travel into another dimension. Whatever the setting, his music is guaranteed to put you on a great vibe.

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Always Look Toward the Future

This is a fantastic talk between two truly innovative thought leaders - Kevin Rose and Elon Musk. Kevin asks some unique questions that only someone who has worked at Google Ventures would know how to ask, and Elon humbly shares his journey along with a few pieces of golden advice that will make you think differently about developing your next big thing.

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Your Story is Your Heartbeat

A brand's story is everything. It shows how you got to where you are, and more importantly: WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS? 

If others can't connect with your message, then your story is giving your business a weak heartbeat. However, when your story stands out and connects in a medium that your audience uses, the pulse of your business will be nice and strong.

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Straight to Source

After living in San Francisco for 5 years and learning all the in's and out's of the fine dining industry, Bailey felt a common disconnection between what people ate and where it actually came from. Add on top of that the fact that an alarming majority of people have no proper education on how to eat food that fully nourishes the body, and you have a recipe for disconnection and obesity.

Now Bailey wants to change the world. Through her journey she has realized that she has to be the one to help others change their diet. 

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