The Shortest Path from A to B


Great design is all about creating the best possible experience when users engage with your brand. Whether it’s through your website, app, instagram post, or even phone calls with customers…. make the experience quickly rewarding for them when they cross paths with you.

Somehow it’s been engrained into common marketing knowledge to make users take 3-10 steps to qualify themselves to buy your product. The new school idea is that you need to make them take only 1 step to get what they want. In this modern world of instant gratification, if a user doesn’t quickly get a solution to their problem they leave to go find it from someone else who can give it to them much faster.

Whatever it is that you offer, people want it as quickly as possible. The more steps you make someone take to get to get what they want, the higher the drop-off rate will be.


creative purity a to b


If you are reading this then you have a need to innovate your product and connect with your audience. Your time is precious, and the last thing you want is to hear me rant for 5,000 words before I get to the point.

Let’s be honest, you want to know the shortcut right now and every single word that I continue to write is only making you slowly lose interest… so why are you making your customers take so many extra steps?? This is a hard pill to swallow, but their time is more valuable than yours. Don’t make them waste it!

Just give them what they want. When they quickly become a raving fan, they will tell the world about it. They are immediately qualifying themselves by purchasing what you are offering!

Think about this: what is a product you use that you tell everyone about? Maybe it's your favorite book, that new tech gadget, or something that nobody else has discovered yet. Are you a raving fan because it took you 10 steps to get it? I bet it’s because it was a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience to purchase your product. This is why Amazon’s “1-click pay” is so effective.

Don’t make your site visitors float around on your site before they find what you are trying to give them. Shorten the distance. Stick in right in front of their face on the home page and see how you start to get way more sales and happy customers.



Write down your current sales process and count how many steps it takes for a user to go from site visitor to paying customer.

Take that list and cut down the amount of steps to at half of what it was.


Share your process, results, and questions in the comments below.

This post was created by Travis, Creative Director at Creative Purity, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping business owners innovate their message and connect with their audience.

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