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This questionnaire is an effort to save time for everyone and get to the point where you can quickly share the truth of your current website and the needs/goals you have for your business.

We’ll take it from there and if we feel this would be a great collaboration, we’ll provide you with an honest solution that gets real results.

How to get started

  1. Complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.

  2. After submitting, we will review and analyze to see if your needs match our strengths.

  3. If we are a great match to work together on a project, we’ll email you a free quote and a link to schedule our first meeting and start the project ASAP.

Be confident about your website
when handing out your business card.

😵 What BAD web design projects look like:

The developer’s work looks good (hopefully), but they are either underpaid or overpaid, take too long, and don’t listen to their customers needs. The client may also not respect the developer and blame them for internal operations issues. The customer gets a new website, but has no idea how to use it.

🤑 What GREAT web design projects look like:

The developer listens to the needs/goals of the business owner, works efficiently, and is compensated at a fair market value. Throughout the process the client experiences low stress and greater clarity. The process is collaborative and the end result is a combination of collective ideas merging together.


Grow the brand to grow the audience.

Firehouse Coffee & Tea  Website / Social Media / Online Catering System  See for yourself →

Firehouse Coffee & Tea
Website / Social Media / Online Catering System
See for yourself →


No one wants a low quality cup of coffee, so why would you want a low quality website? We are looking for those who are looking for what really works, not just fake smiles and broken promises.

Our extensive experience in web development, digital marketing, photography, and copywriting allow us to design a user experience that creates real results for your business funnel. Make your business headaches go away.


Make your business headaches go away.


Submitting the questionnaire below is free, but only submit the form if you are a legitimate business that is ready to take your website to the next level.

We believe in full transparency and only work with business owners who are authentic. If your business is doing $100k-$10M in yearly revenue and need to modernize their digital marketing are our best clients, let’s talk.

Our design + development fees for websites range from $3 to $5k and can take 7-60 days to complete, varying on your needs (size of the business, commerce features, and other variables like how much energy you can dedicate to creating content).

Payment plans are also available and all sites are developed on the Squarespace platform for design, security, and ease of use. If you already have a website that converts well, learn more about our long term social media marketing plans.

At the end of each project you get full access with a training on how to easily use the website to add new content in the future. Our ultimate goal is to set you up for success.

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This post was created by Travis, Creative Director at Creative Purity. Based in San Francisco, we specialize in helping business owners innovate their message and connect with their audience.

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