Squarespace is better than Wordpress


It’s Simple: Design and Security

We want to debate this vs. that all day long. This isn’t a debate, but rather a place that I can point people to so I don’t have to write out the same long email over and over again to new leads.

My name is Travis and I have been developing websites since 2013. I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the WTF were they thinking? I want to clearly explain what works (Squarespace) and what needs to die (Wordpress).

First and foremost, I don’t get an affiliate fee for adding new people to Squarespace. Sure, if we start a website project together I’ll get paid to give you exactly what you want, but I’m not saying this stuff because I have a biased affiliation with Squarespace. They don’t pay me just for mentioning them (if that was the case I’d be on a tropical island right now instead of writing this article).

I just want you to create the website that you’re envisioning in your head. It really is possible, but not if you stay stuck on Wordpress.

Years ago I used to develop websites only on the Wordpress platform and ever since I switched my art website over to Squarespace, I was hooked. It just gave me everything I wanted without any more headaches. Plus I got a ton of great feedback.

Now I can’t even take on new marketing accounts if they don’t have their website on Squarespace first. I can’t create social ads if your website doesn’t convert like it’s supposed to.

The difference between the two is like watching someone run around barefoot and then giving them a brand new pair of Nikes. Yes, you can still run without them, but they will provide a whole lot more strength, support, speed, and distance.

If you’re reading this then you’re on the fence about switching to Squarespace. In this case the grass is actually greener on the other side. I’m not confident about my knowledge of Ancient Greek literature, but I’m extremely confident that Squarespace outperforms Wordpress. I’ve seen it over and over again.


Mobile friendly included

No extra plugins, no extra templates, no more pulling your hair out. Whatever you design on the desktop template AUTOMATICALLY resizes to mobile friendly. No plugins, no extra code, and no developer holding it ransom for an extra template (after you pay them of course).

That means if you look at the Squarespace website on a huge computer or that tiny phone your parents still use, it looks great no matter what.

How does this work? Whatever is on the right goes on the bottom.

Desktop Layout

Mobile Layout

Drag and drop

The day I switched to Squarespace my life as a designer changed. My energy is now spent thinking “what if I…?” instead of the old Wordpress mindset of “why is this not working the way I want it to?!”

Fine art painters just want the paint they use to be the right color so they can execute creative visions, not mess around having to make the paint themselves from scratch.

When you can drag and drop content to create the layout you want, you can focus more on actually converting website traffic into paying customers. That’s why you have a website in the first place, right?

Squarespace has been so easy for client handoff once the new website is complete. I get clients who barely know how to post on social media successfully writing new blogs and doing other fun stuff on Squarespace. The way people use the website after you make it for them determines how successful it really is.

Clean and modern

Nearly every new client says they want the design to be “clean and modern.” Well… duh! That should be standard and that’s why Wordpress is so bad in the first place. A website designer should be hired to enhance the look to convert website traffic, not make it look good in the first place.

Of course you don’t want the design to look so clean that it looks sterile. It’s more of a zen garden design where everything has its perfect place and the elements create a warm, unified personality.

All unnecessary design elements are cut and what is left is a visually engaging layout that gets a random website viewer to easily understand what the hell your brand is trying to communicate.

When you sign up to use Squarespace you get access to all of their free templates. Yes, I said it. FREE TEMPLATES! Of course you have to pay the monthly fee to use the platform ($15-30 depending on if you want commerce functionality) so it’s not totally free, but then you get access to every beautiful template they have to offer.

Browse templates >>

New clients always get overwhelmed when browsing these templates, because they’re all so awesome. With so many options, how do you choose just one?

If you want to partner with Creative Purity, I will analyze your business needs and give you the top 3 templates to choose from, each going in a different creative direction.

This way clients can trust their gut and make more of a choice based on what feels right. We all know humans are emotional creatures, so these sexy templates are guaranteed to get you excited without even knowing why.

One last thing about Squarespace design: of the 50+ website projects I have completed, I’ve never had a client hate the design. Not a single one.


Let someone else worry about security

Nothing is worse than getting the 4am call from an angry client who thinks their site got hacked. Have you gotten one of these calls? Well I have, and it was before I discovered Squarespace.

Since I stopped using Wordpress, I stopped getting the calls of someone freaking out that “their website is down” or the blank white screen that says nothing but “502 gateway bad request” and there’s no way to log back in.

Squarespace is a multi-million dollar company that hires the world’s best talent to make sure it works extremely well. I’d rather point my finger at Squarespace than be the one writing all the code and facing off against the world’s best hackers.

This is why I can now sleep peacefully at night, knowing that the site is secure and nothing is going to go wrong during these precious Z’s. 😴

Death to the “plugin”

Plugins are the worst invention for a website. It’s like fixing a broken arm with a band-aid. With enough band-aids you can make a cast, but why do you have a broken arm in the first place?

With Wordpress you start with a basic barebones website, then to have basic features like site security and analytics (see below for analytics definition) you need extra plugins.

I just want the site to work well since the moment I start using it. No plugins, no crossed fingers, no more 4am angry client phone calls.


Analytics is data analysis of website traffic. You can see what devices are most common, what pages are most visited, and what countries website visitors are coming from.

Having this kind of powerful data at your fingertips you can make more educated business decisions. With Wordpress you need a plugin to see analytics. With Squarespace it’s included since the moment you start.


Do you want to sell a digital product (ebook download), service offering (coaching session), or physical product (coffee beans)? Squarespace can cover all 3. Wordpress can’t.

You can find workarounds on Wordpress like a PayPal link or link to a Shopify store, but at the baseline Wordpress doesn’t have the same beautiful commerce functionality built-in that Squarespace does.

You will have to pay a little extra to have the commerce functionality, but if you want to create an online business this is an incredibly useful feature.

Commerce pricing >>

Update: Squarespace now offers subscription payments! You can now charge people on a recurring basis (monthly retainer, monthly gift basket, etc.).

Honorable Mention: Wix

Wix is definitely better than Wordpress, but doesn’t stand up to the strength of Squarespace. There’s just something off about the design and functionality of Wix that’s hard to explain. The best example I can give is it’s like talking to Amazon’s Alexa… she can communicate with you and do most of what you want, but it’s nothing like talking to a real person named Alexa.


  • Mobile friendly included

  • Drag and drop

  • Clean and modern

  • Strong security

  • Death to the “plugin”

  • Analytics included

  • Commerce included

• How to login
• Build a page
• Create a blog post
• Add blog thumbnail image
• Upload and manage files
• Embed a video
• Analytics (website traffic)
• General overview
• Squarespace help center
• Edit order notification emails

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This post was created by Travis, Creative Director at Creative Purity, a digital marketing agency specializing in helping business owners innovate their message and connect with their audience.