Straight to Source

After living in San Francisco for 5 years and learning all the in's and out's of the fine dining industry, Bailey felt a common disconnection between what people ate and where it actually came from. Add on top of that the fact that an alarming majority of people have no proper education on how to eat food that fully nourishes the body, and you have a recipe for disconnection and obesity.

Now Bailey wants to change the world. Through her journey she has realized that she has to be the one to help others change their diet. 

Her mission is all about teaching others how to support local farms, eat clean through her spectacular dining experiences, and live a healthy life from the healthy recipes she provides on her website. Good news everyone: the future is looking delicious!

Here are a few shots from our recent photoshoots with Bailey Jeann, a high-quality Private Chef and the founder of Straight to Source.

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