Hey Michelle,

Great to meet you! It's can be kind of scary starting a business from scratch so I want to give you an overview of a standard web redesign project and total costs for working with me on a project like this. Ultimately I want to make you feel really confident about your digital marketing.

- Travis


  1. Initial payment / confirmation to begin project
  2. Create site content and template
  3. Increase site functionality
  4. Email marketing and social media integration
  5. Final website design adjustments
  6. Record tutorial to easily use the site
  7. Final payment and future marketing strategy



  • Website redesign and user experience analysis: $1,500*
    *Split into 2 payments: Half to start and half when the project is complete
  • Squarespace Site: $16 monthly fee (charged separately through them)
  • TOTAL SETUP COST: $1,516

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I definitely don't want to pressure you into anything and as always email me if you have any further questions or comments before taking the leap: travisruskus@gmail.com