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Hey there Jeffrey,

Great to finally meet you! Here is an overview of a standard web redesign project and total costs - with a massive discount for the fact that you have some awesome kids :) 

I definitely don't want to pressure you into anything and as always email me if you have any further questions or comments before taking the leap: 

When you are ready to commit, simply fill out the form below. I'll get started ASAP. Looking to have something awesome to show you by the time we talk this Friday afternoon.

- Travis


  1. Payment / confirmation to begin project
  2. Create site content
  3. Finalize site functionality
  4. Payment funnel created
  5. Email Marketing / Social Media integration
  6. Final design adjustments
  7. Record tutorial to easily use the site
  8. Long-term marketing strategy discussion

NOVEMBER 29, 2017


  • Website redesign and user experience analysis: $2,000
    (split into 2 payments: $1k up front, $1k when completed)
  • Squarespace Site: $16 monthly fee (charged separately through them)

Normally $2,016

Please complete this payment form when you are ready to get started.