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By crafting and refining your online presence through digital marketing, we will build relationships with your target market and authentically connect with them for the long-term. It's really that simple.

Thanks for your attention. It's the most valuable asset you have, so really - thank you. My name is Travis and I'm the founder of Creative Purity. I'm a full-time artist and I also use my artistic vision to build and evolve websites for brands. Check out my art on Instagram - I guarantee it will get you to look at the present moment differently.

This is why the root values of every project from Creative Purity are quality, simplicity, and connection.


I want to give you the awesome backstory about how this web design company was founded, but we live in a world where you only care about what exactly I can do for you right now. Let me just quickly say that the backstory involved a lot of cooking, hiking trails, and helping dozens of business owners go from overwhelm to clarity.

Our world is filled with too much information. Long + boring articles. Bland websites. Selfies, selfies, and more selfies. So how do you get above the noise? Creative Purity.


Creative Purity is a phrase I made up when I started this company in 2013. It means refining your message down into the most core elements in order to stay valuable. Make it easy for your customers to tell their friends about your awesome business. 

Information is merely an exchange of energy. Whether you're looking for a website redesign or need quick advice on your entire digital marketing strategy, we want to make sure that what you are sharing with the world leaves your viewers happy and wanting more.


What to expect
• Gain clarity on your core offering
• User experience analysis to understand user behavior
• Ease of use adding future content
• Sales funnel enhancement
• Ecommerce capabilities
• SEO / Analytics
• Email Marketing Integration + Strategy
• Social Media Integration + Strategy

• $2-5k total (1/2 up front, 1/2 when complete)
• 30-60 days to complete

Website Framework
Step 1 - SOUL - Purpose
Step 2 - BONES - Structure
Step 3 - MUSCLE - Functionality
Step 4 - SKIN - Details


What to expect
• Audit & evolve current profile
• Monthly consulting session
• 2x weekly posts
• Instagram ads

• $515 monthly + ad spend
• Minimum 3 month commitment (monthly subscription)

Ready to get started?

Recent Testimonials

Creative Purity provided an excellent service to us in helping us create a new website. He was very patient during the mess finding stage when we were struggling to interpret our vision. As with all creative projects there were many things that had to be tweaked or changed along the way - Travis did those very quickly and tirelessly until we were completely satisfied at no additional costs to us. We are very pleased with the final product and look forward to working with Travis to further develop the site. His technical talents and artistic talents are a rare find in a website developer.
— Patti
Creative Purity revamped my old website into a clean, modern, site that functions seamlessly. He communicated well, finished the project on time, and implemented ideas that I never would have come up with on my own. I highly recommend working with Travis.
— Kristin
Travis is full of strategic ideas. He actually cares about you as a person and can really help guide your vision into a reality that generates results. He took all of our complex business needs and designed them to be beautifully simple and easy to engage with for the user!
— Rob
Creative Purity has been an intricate part of our online team for nearly three years. They are the best web people I have every worked with because they are dependable, think outside the box and are extremely creative. They have empowered us to easily update our website as needed and we are constantly getting rave reviews from our current customers and prospects on how cool our website is and it is converting on a regular basis. Creative purity helps with social media strategy, web design, and user experience. Couldn’t say enough about the quality and uniqueness of this work.
— Cheri

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