Travis Ruskus

Founder, Creative Director

Travis Ruskus Dolores Park 2018.JPG

Thank you for your attention. It's the most valuable asset you have, so really - thank you. My name is Travis and I'm the founder of Creative Purity. I'm a photographer, drone pilot, and digital marketing strategist.

Some days I feel like an octopus with how quickly I learn new things and find different ways to give value to my audience. Other days I feel like a miner digging to the center of the Earth - getting to the core of what something is about and sharing that with the world.

Years ago after graduating culinary school in downtown San Francisco and working in kitchens I discovered that I had been neglecting myself as an artist. So I moved and went on a journey of reawakening. Then I built a website for my art. It was a fun and humbling process learning how to build a tribe of fans. After a while I started to notice how other business owners needed help with their poorly designed websites... so I offered to help. 

What started as occasional freelance gigs quickly became a full-time business. Every project helped me further evolve my digital marketing "street smarts" and it was such a great feeling helping a business owner in overwhelm find clarity.

After a few years in Boulder, CO working primarily with small business owners, I went back to downtown San Francisco to study User Experience Design (and balance rocks along the California coastline). This allowed me to learn how to work with larger brands and effectively communicate design strategy to stakeholders.

Recently I received my FAA certification to become a commercially certified drone pilot in order to help me take my creative visions to the next level. Long story short: I am constantly pushing my creative limits to become the strongest asset possible.

Creative Purity is a blend of raw artistic vision, hard work ethic, and constant innovation. There are no fancy degrees here - just a willingness to look you in the eye, know what actually works, and help you innovate your message with the world.

Follow me on Instagram: @travisruskus